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An INFORMED community is an EMPOWERED community.

Poverty Reduction


With an overarching goal of reducing poverty, WEI conducts economic empowerment trainings and seminars by inviting guest speakers from the private sector and the government who speak about various livelihood programs, cottage industry  ideas, and other business opportunities. Our economic development program includes the multi-platform publication of news and features focused on skills development, livelihood opportunities, startup assistance and other issues central to the development and promotion of a small business and its growth.

We are knocking upon your good hearts to be our partners in empowerment by helping Write to Empower sustain our
success-oriented projects and programs by becoming one of our sponsors. Any contributions you give will help build EMPOWERED COMMUNITIES.
WRITE TO EMPOWER commits itself to the task of keeping margimalized communities abreast with pressing issues that directly affect them through the dissemination of information on issues of poverty reduction, First Amendment protection , women's rights, child rights & welfare, environmental protection, gender equality, health & HIV/AIDS education, minority, and animal rights.
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