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A nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of California, the overarching goal of Write to Empower is dedicated toward First Amendment advocacy, poverty reduction, and social justice.


Since the summer of 2014, Write to Empower — through M-Power News — piloted efforts to distribute free news feeds to news and media organizations. M-Power News provides this free service in a bid to contribute to a better and well-informed society that is aware of and sensitive to social justice, economic freedoms, and civil liberties.


Write to Empower also publishes journals and magazines aimed at promoting the social, health, and economic well-being of marginalized communities in the US — with particular focus on self-sufficiency.



Other Write to Empower programs include the holding of livelihood trainings and seminars that present and explore various sustainable livelihood programs and business opportunities that could contribute to the overall economic growth of those living in distressed conditions.

The organization’s health programs are focused on increasing public awareness on reproductive health, lifestyle-based health issues such as obesity and diabetes, and HIV/AIDS.


We are knocking upon your good heart to help Write to Empower sustain its success-oriented projects and programs by becoming one of our sponsors. Any contributions you will give to Write to Empower will help build EMPOWERED COMMUNITIES across the nation and beyond.


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